wii.jpg So, we had this GameSetQ feature ("a daily question to be answered by GameSetWatch readers in the comments of this lovable weblog, and in some way related to the day's gaming issues"), and then we forgot about it a little bit, and then we remembered it again, so we're going to do another one!

And, since we just posted some game developer reactions to the naming of Nintendo's Wii next-gen console over at Gamasutra, we figured that we're both too late and too bored of the 'OMG! What do you think of the name?!' questions, so we offer the following, to be answered in comments:

"What name do you think most suits the Nintendo Wii, and what would you have named it, if you were the highly paid chief of Nintendo's crack branding team for this crucial pre-launch period?"

Uhm, when we say crack, we mean efficient, not actually smoking crack. You guys know that, right? The best answer will probably get mentioned in an update to the story - or we'll just laugh and point at it.