deathjrswagsm.jpg So, thanks to our friends at Backbone Entertainment, part of super-duper developer Foundation9, we have a new GameSetWatch competition giveaway, and it's rather awesome.

To help promote the new Death Jr. titles being released later this year (and Backbone's largesse in general), the lucky winner gets the pictured loot (click on the pic to enlarge!) - a Death Jr. T-shirt, a mini 'C-4 Hamster' action figure (!), and best of all, a special metal Death Jr. Case Core Coffincase.

This is a smaller version of the cases generally used by exceptionally gothy musicians as instrument-holders, with a Death Jr. plaque on the front, a beautiful red velour interior, and a copy of Death Jr. for PSP hiding inside it - along with a couple of green Death Jr. lollipops, clearly the highlight of the whole package.

So, in order to win, you need to answer the following question:

"When Death Jr. and friends appeared on the June/July 2005 issue of GSW sister publication Game Developer magazine, DJ was brandishing a scythe and pointing to a graph. What 'hilarious' joke descriptors are on the two axes of the graph?"

Please send your answers to [email protected] any time before Monday, June 5th at 12 noon PST. There will be only one winner randomly picked from the correct answers, the judges' decision is final, and the C-4 Hamster will not blow up in the mail, according to its packaging. Happy trails!