gamelife.jpg We sat on this for a bit long, so everyone has picked it up now, but since we already wrote that nice headline, we're going to run it anyhow - PRWeb, home of ridiculous self-constructed PR puffery, has a new press release touting the non-sensible GameLife gaming video show, claiming that it "has overcome David-and-Goliath style odds" to reach fame and fortune.

If you haven't seen it, GameLife is a much-remarked upon, so-amateur-it's-unmissable broadcast, starring the guy whose voice breaks repeatedly in the Simpsons - or some nerdcore variant there-of. Kotaku's Brian Crecente handily supplies them a quote: "Expect to see a lot more of this video game version of Wayne's World in the coming months." To which we'd like to point out - Wayne's World is fictional, and was created by actors to be intentionally funny? Sorry, we've evidently got our curmudgeon hat on today!

Still, car crash TV is still TV, and apparently: "Ziff Davis Media has also taken an interest and obtained first distribution rights for the show's E3 special, in trade for media access to the floor of the world's largest video game convention." So, expect to be crushed under the load when the E3 special comes out.