gth.jpg From last week, we spotted a post on celebrity 'coolstuff' blog BoingBoing that deals with 'an open online book from Hacker Manifesto author McKenzie Wark entitled GAM3R 7H30RY (gamer theory).

Well, that's GR3AT (great), but how does it work? Apparently: "The Institute designed a web site that would enable McKenzie to engage with readers before the book is fully cooked, to see how a larger conversation might impact its development. Each individual paragraph has its own comment stream allowing for fine-grained response to the text."

Of course, with slightly insane hypertextish-wanderings comes an incredibly highbrow section on Katamari Damacy which starts: "Sisyphus, founder of Corinth, father of Odysseus, founder of the Ismithian Games, is best known for a most cruel and unusual punishment, meted out to him by the Gods." Can you see where he's going with this? Grumpy commenter Toad claims: "Any real editor would have sooner pointed out this manuscript’s ridiculous, hopelessly obtuse, faux pretensious pandering to the video game community."

Eh, we disagree - but we _are_ the video game community. And the walrus. Also - an entire section on State Of Emergency? We just ejected our false teeth right into our afternoon tea.