mutantstorm.jpg Some sharp-eyed smarties on the NeoGAF forums have spotted that Microsoft has launched the May edition of its 'Power Up' digital Xbox 360 magazine, which requires a free account required to access, and in it is a new list of forthcoming Xbox 360 Live Arcade titles, a couple of which are unannounced.

After a grand total of zero new XBLA games in April, we were frowning at MS, but this new list for 'Summer' release is making us grin, lots! Apart from previously announced titles such as card game UNO, the free Texas Hold 'Em Poker game (developed by TikGames), and the much-awaited Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting, now confirmed for the first time is hardcore shooter sequel Mutant Storm Empire by Pom Pom (the original is my most-played XBLA title!), as well as the recently revealed Cloning Clyde from Outpost Kaloki X makers NinjaBee.

Also listed of note - the previously announced Roboblitz from Naked Sky Entertainment, the similarly mentioned Heavy Weapon from PopCap, and a brand new game called Small Arms by Fuzzee Fever creators Gastronaut Studios, of which nothing is known. Hopefully, they will all be playable next week!