extreme.jpg You knew about Virtua Fighter and that tennis one, sure. But did you know about EXTREME HUNTING 2: TOURNAMENT EDITION? Well, it's made by Sega Amusements USA, which is based in Elk Grove Village, IL - won't be too many more elk there for long! But anyway, it strongly appears to be an atomiswave game (just look at them robust screens), and is a tournament edition, meaning you can be ranked against other people who wear hats and plaid in public, should you so choose.

Check out some movies, where you'll find you can injure a bear then try to shoot it as it escapes! Then you can shoot fish in the water! Or even poorly animated squirrels! All the while listening to twangy, poorly constructed hillbilly music (and I know my hillbilly music, I worked at a folk music club). But don't forget, there are also frightening mystery animals - will it be a vicious bunny? Possibly a rabid duck? Maybe even a diabolical titmouse! You've got to play to find out!

extreme2.jpg The game was announced some time ago, but should be coming out in 'early summer, 2006.' which sounds a lot like now! You might think I was joking with the whole demonic animals thing, but just check out this quote from the tips section: "Keep a look out for the MONSTER ANIMALS, or the largest animals in the spot." The bold and caps are their own. Those frightening animals, wandering around in their natural habitat - frankly they're just asking for it! So, just wait til it comes out, then you can slouch behind a man with a red, impatiantly waiting for your turn. Will that man ever finish? The khaki pants brigade can't be kept waiting around! [X-post from IC.]