lpark.jpg Continuing the hard-hitting journalism for which GSW is renowned, we've been reading Bret Easton Ellis' latest novel, Lunar Park, which stars the drugged-up and dysfunctional 'Bret Easton Ellis', the author of all Ellis' previous books, struggling to cope as someone apparently impersonating his American Psycho villain Patrick Bateman starts terrorizing his home town.

Post-modern conceits aside (and the book is _very_ well written, incidentally), the relatively on-the-ball references to video games as part of Ellis' (fictional?) family life in the book are notable, including mentions of a Mortal Kombat Halloween character, Ellis' son reading GamePro and Nintendo Power, and various other reasonably clued-in passing jabs.

But on P.116, Ellis' trademark cutting wit gets to work on Blinx creators Artoon, or more specifically, their pre-Blinx PS1/GBA platformer, as referenced with regard to Ellis' daughter: "Sarah went to the media room to play Pinobee, a video game about a flight-challenged and oddly charmless bumblebee whose expression of disgust always managed to fill me with alarm."

We say it's time for a rumble between Sonic co-creator and Artoon founder Naoto Oshima and the fictional coke-snorting version of Bret Easton Ellis - who's with us?