eveo.jpg We must admit that we're not entirely up on the craziness that is massively complex, massively scheming PC MMO space sim EVE Online - though for those wanting to get a primer, the Wikipedia page and Jim Rossignol's PC Gamer UK article on the game [PDF link] are a great place to start.

Anyhow, via Nelson's linkblog, it appears that the Eve Intergalactic Bank has been formed by in-game players, and it provides a range of bank accounts for your hard-earned EVE Online dollars - even a 'high interest savings account' with a minimum deposit of 1,000,000,000 ISK. And personal in-game insurance! ("Gives the client cover for the loss of skill points and implants due to pod killing, or money due to ransoming.")

There's even a radio ad for EVE Online podcasts [.MP3] - complete with stirring classical music and requisite cool female voiceover, and other services the bank provides include a well-received share brokering service for in-game companies who go public. There's lots more info on the FAQ page - and the mind boggles.