escplay.jpg Now we're running with our new 'fast and loose' GSW style (do you like it? More posts, less OCD linkage!), we figured we could link to the latest issue of The Escapist Magazine, which deals with the game/work nexus (see 'Office Mode' in Defcon for a great recent example!)

The site's PR explains: "Have you ever gotten in trouble for playing games at work? The Escapist staff knows all too well not only the life of those who play games at work, but also those who play games for work, and the sometimes fine line between. The Escapist takes a look at how games affect life in the workplace in issue 47: “Office Space.”"

All the articles seem fun, but Cat Rambo's piece on putting MUDs on your resume is the most sharply written: "Over the next few years, this overlapping of the game and business world would occur over and over. I'd apply lessons in conflict management or negotiation I learned in MUDs to resolve situations, and the next day find myself in a management class thinking how best to use the material on the flash cards in front of me to steer my coders down a particular path." We've all kickbanned our co-workers, so we know just how that works.