eets.jpg Over at sister B2B site Gamasutra, there's an extremely informative postmortem for PC indie title Eets, detailing what went right and wrong in the development of the darn cute-looking title.

The first thing that went right, apparently, was a pair of wacky web cartoonissts: "With zero budget in marketing, we garnered 7,500 downloads over a single weekend. Much praise has to be given to Tycho from Penny Arcade, whose link distorted our web stats by the hour (we could literally see the stat bars rocket upward, AT, or “After Tycho”), and to Fileplanet, who graciously hosted the demo and placed it on the front sidebar."

There's also some very interesting discussion regarding why the Eets creators decided not to partner with Valve for the company's Steam download system: "Valve wanted to have exclusive online rights to Eets (unless it sold poorly), and we could not make the business case given the reluctance from Valve on providing us with their Steam sales numbers on similar games, nor would they provide basic user information such as active installed base of female game players, and region-by-region active Steam users." Interesting stuff.