e32006.jpg Well, E3 is fast ramping up here in Los Angeles, and after covering the Sony event in voluminous detail for Gamasutra (keep checking the E3 live coverage page!), we're off to the Nintendo and Microsoft pre-E3 press conferences today - hopefully, their marathon nature won't drain our laptop batteries too bad. As for what has happened thus far:

- The Second Annual 'Not An E3 Party' failed to live up to its name, since it definitely appeared to be E3-related, but a number of nice people, including VGMWatch's Kyle Orland, the IGDA's Jason Della Rocca, the San Jose Mercury News' Xbox 360-related 'man of the moment' Dean Takahashi, and the IGJA's David Thomas made an appearance at the succulent Golden Gopher. Oh, and Kotaku's Brian 'Brain' Crecente, who wondered why we didn't link to his Columbine RPG impressions from a Columbine survivor, pretty edgy stuff. Oh, we just did.

- Just about to write it up for Gama, but GameTap are debuting Sam & Max and URU Live exclusively on their network - though Sam & Max will be available for non-GameTap download later, fear not. As regular readers know, I still like the cut of GameTap's jib - I'll be appearing on their GameTap TV on Friday sometime talking about the show, I believe.

- At some point during the Sony press event, a fanboy gave the geekiest whoop we've ever heard after viewing the Final Fantasy XIII trailer, at which point GSW co-editor Frankc yelled out: "Is that guy OK?". Well... we thought it was funny at the time. Also, Kaz Hirai's PSP-manipulating hands looked pretty much in need of a manicure when projected in HD on a massive screen right in front of you, poor guy - PS3 launch must be a nailbiter.