eba.jpg Holy crap, E3 is basically done and dusted - the show floor is closed, the press room is slowly thinning out, and Gamasutra's live E3 2006 coverage is completely done. So we'd better round up some of our favorite alternative games of the show, hadn't we?

- Game of the show, for me, was Inis and Nintendo's Elite Beat Agents for DS, which we already mentioned - Deep Purple and Steriogram confirmed so far for the soundtrack, an official page up with video and screenshots, and lots more to come. And really, it's basically Ouendan 2 - who's going to argue with that?

- But also very much drooled over by GSW staff was Capcom's Dead Rising, which has a somewhat hilarious 'Welcome To The Williamette Parkview Mall' fake brochure for the X360 exclusive, complete with fake adverts and mall map, and some much gorier game ads ("Desecrate the dead!! Show no mercy!!") It's all tremendously tongue in cheek, mind you (soccer balls! shears! traffic cones on heads!) and that's why it's adorable.

- Rounding up some of the other highlights for alt.gaming idiots like ourselves - D3's Work Time Fun (WTF for short!) for PSP is, of course, the U.S. version of Sony Japan's previous 'Gaijin Restoration' - reviewed Baito Hell 2000 - and as such, is pretty darn smart.

- We didn't get a chance to check it out properly, but on the mini-game and music front, LucasArts' recently confirmed Traxion, designed by my old chums and co-workers at Kuju Entertainment, looks like much fun - you can plug any music track in and just play, much like Vib Ribbon.

- Also, just say yes to Backbone and Konami's Brooktown High: Senior Year - U.S. dating action that looks to outdo Sprung, if that's even possible. And, heck, Tennis for the Wii was a blast. And now, sleeping is the new rock and roll. Bye bye E3!