e32006.jpg Wait, where did that E3 pre-show day and a whole Day 1 go? Oh yeah, up the wazoo. Still, if you're reading the gorgeous Gamasutra live E3 2006 coverage, you'll know that we're busy bringing you all the news that matters. But here's the real important stuff, the news that matters slightly less:

- The absolute best personal appearance at E3 this year? This would be German peripheral company Fanatec featuring Tyson, the skateboarding bulldog on their stand. Yes, the famous skateboarding bulldog, stop looking at us funny, OK? We saw Tyson wandering around outside the Kentia Hall, with his very own E3 badge (wonder if they asked for tax records for dogs?) and his master carrying his battered skateboard just ahead of him, and we thought - my God, E3 is a wonderful place.

- Wait, we have to talk about games now? We drooled all over Inis and Nintendo's Elite Beat Agents, which is a completely new-scenario filled U.S. localized version of the gorgeous Ouendan, of course, and an absolute must-buy, especially since it includes Steriogram's awesome Walkie Talkie Man (see amazing Michel Gondry video for the original song here!) as one of the two demo E3 tracks. The other song on the E3 version was 'Highway Star', which we presume is the Deep Purple song also used in Rock N Roll Racing, but didn't have any headphones spare to confirm.

- Finally, Korean MMO Wiki is on the WebZen booth, and you may remember that "Officials from Nintendo have raised concerns through its Korean distributor Daiwon C.I. that characters in forthcoming Webzen-published South Korean PC online game Wiki may violate trademarks from its GameCube title The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker." Well, the title is now playable on the E3 show floor, and honestly, WebZen, we don't want to be too rude, but check out the screenshots - we're not sure why giving Link some new clothes and haircut makes this any less of a blatant stylistic yoink.

And... hey, wait a minute! From the official Wiki game description: "One entity binds time, space and dimension the World Tree. By using the nutrition saved in the World Tree’s leaves you can travel to the past. And everything you do in the past dramatically affects the present." Isn't this all a bit Ocarina Of Time? Or maybe the paranoia police have got us, late on an E3 evening. To the bed-cave, Batman!