protest.jpg Over at the War & Video Games blog, there's an informative post on the 'deadiniraq' art project, which, as is handily explained, was created by Joseph DeLappe: "He's been logging onto America's Army under the name dead-in-iraq, and choosing not to fight. Instead, he just types in the names of American military casualties."

Blogger Ed Halter has compiled some of the more eye-opening reactions to this virtual protest, for example: "Don't be surprised if there's a book deal in this. "My Noble Online Protest", by Joseph "surrender-monkey" DeLappe, coming soon to a B&N near you", or, indeed: "Couldn't he do something more original than name all the dead?"

There's also an excellent GameSpy article on the concept, noting: "One of the reasons DeLappe has specifically targeted America's Army is because he has some personal issues with the game itself. During our interview, he calls it "a tax-payer funded propaganda and recruiting and advertising tool for the Army."" Which... it is?