cjoy.gif We've been checking out the official ChinaJoy 2006 website, for the massive and pre-eminent Chinese video game trade show being held in Shanghai from July 28th-30th, and interestingly, a button labeled '2006 Miss ChinaJoy' on the site links to an official ChinaJoy cosplay competition, with lotsa contestant pics.

The choice of a 'beauty contest' style moniker for the competition is distinctly odd. But we, at least, find this interesting because we only tend to see U.S.-set cosplay competitions, or the Japanese cosplayers hanging out at TGS or Comiket, and seeing the Chinese physicality applied to cosplay is actually a refreshing change that highlights what the rest of Asia like cosplaying (Final Fantasy titles, mainly!)

For example, this seems to be one of the leading competitors, and the whole portfolio showcases the intriguingly ethereal look of many Chinese cosplayers. [Oh, and if anyone can translate and tell us more about the competition and the winners, go right ahead.]