playco.jpg The excellent ARGN blog has more news on the New York-based public gaming event to be held this September, and named 'Come Out & Play Festival', noting happily: "Does playing on a computer cramp your style? Feel restricted by that Monopoly board? Or maybe you're a Puppetmaster who wants to do more than the usual email and websites with your next ARG."

Though not strictly video game-based, the new festival obviously has a sorta ARG crossover, and apparently "seeks to provide a forum for new types of public games and play", and "will feature games from the creators of I love bees, PacManhattan, Conqwest, Big Urban Game and more." Yay, PacManhattan!

Among the festival's organizers is Nick Fortugno of gameLab, we note, and you can submit your game right now - we're looking forward to the theoretical prospect of the Nintendo Amusement Park guys making an open-air appearance, in our dreams.