mpdizzy.gif Well, we're sorry to announce that Dave "Shmorky" Kelly's weekly GSW cartoon strip The Multicart Project, which, you may recall, "detailed the lives of Nintendo Entertainment System characters way past their prime, living in low-income housing and just trying to get by", is no more, having reached the end of its run on GameSetWatch.

At least, we _think_ our relationship is no more, according to what we could decipher of a scribbled note thrown through our window by Mr. Kelly's lawyer Oscar Acosta. All of the previous 8 episodes of the strip are available in archived form, and we will forever love anyone who can make scrambled Dizzy jokes in the same strip as KC Munchkin medical testing gags and Alex Kidd-related racism taunts.

However, all is not lost - we will be starting a brand new comic from a new author next Monday (29th!), and GSW regulars should look out for all kinds of fun from it - or at least, a brief stifled chuckle. We're keeping the identity of our new cartoonist secret for now, mainly because it's not Doonesbury or Charles Schulz - but somebody much, much funnier!