caverns.jpg Believe we've run a couple of stories on it already, but Jason Scott's is still an amazing source of classic gaming and computing scans (though Jason, please add an 'added on' tag we can sort by, because we're having trouble working out what is new past the last 10 items nowadays.)

In any case, further perusal of its vaults shows a couple of particularly neat items which show that the current 'retro T-shirt' craze actually has antecedents in clothes and merchandise that were available in the early '80s - this is a 1983 Atari Connection catalog that includes a great Centipede T-shirt, as well as one for the much more obscure Caverns Of Mars, which is apparently in the very hack-friendly Atari Flashback 2.

Even better, though much less game-themed, is this Sweet Gum 'unusual computer gifts' catalog from 1982, which includes a page of 'Softwear' for the computer enthusiast - including 'I'm bilingual - I speak English and Basic', and the almost salacious 'Byte My Bits'. Sweet Gum and Hot Topic have more in common that anyone previously thought, apparently.