fgames.jpg Over at Edge Online, they've got a rather fun article discussing the use of humor in video games, and starting with the line: "They say there are only seven stories in the world. Others, particularly those who’ve recently read a copy of Viz, say there are only seven jokes. But ask people to name funny games and you begin to feel like there are only seven possible answers."

Much of the article takes the form of an interview with Ron Gilbert, the original 'funny guy' of game design, who notes perceptively: "The problem with games is that you’ve taken timing away from the author and given it to the player, so in order to do comedy, you can’t use a lot of the same techniques that linear artists are used to using in comedy, because they can’t use timing."

As for the seven possible funny games, ever? "The Secret Of Monkey Island usually pops up first. Sam And Max and Day Of The Tentacle next. Conker’s Bad Fur Day might get the British vote, Leisure Suit Larry the American. After some brow-furrowing for a more modern title – probably The Bard’s Tale – you’ll be back to where you started with Grim Fandango. Take Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer out of the running, and things look pretty bleak." What's missing, though?