e_010.jpgEver read an article about your own country from the perspective of another? As a reader of English living in Japan, I get to do that all the time. So from Japan with love, comes this delightfully charming, slightly clueless summing up (JP link) of the Western reaction to Nintendo's DS exports, from the Kyoto Newspaper Electronic Edition.

With respect to Nintendogs' success, it's suggested: "The US market spends a huge sum of money on development to compete among themselves on very complex stories and difficult technologies, so [the success of Nintendogs] is a surprising and uplifting thing outside of their predictions." In that otherworldly US market, the game companies "target fans who enjoy complicated FAQ-required games" by creating "games including car racing, basketball, war and fighting."

Note specifically the war part: that's something a lot of Japanese don't get, the fixation on World War II and the like. The article mentions also mentions a perception that the Japanese tendency toward simple, basic game mechanics is taken as appealing to just children over in the States, so the author is doubly surprised at the DS' success.

The entire piece has this awestruck tone of surprise that sounds like this, "They like our games! Our simple games! Can you imagine? The great mechanical beings of Mars have descended to enjoy a little foozball." You can see many articles that are slightly less silly, but had the same point: at GDC and the like, when Japanese creators appear alongside their peers in America, there is a definite, "What does big brother think of little brother?" mentality from some observers.

I now return you back to your complex FAQ on Call of Duty 2, my lovely American brothers and sisters!