brian.jpg We'd also noticed that new ABC romantic mishap sit-com What About Brian features a 'game designer' in the lead role, but, and we take his hat off to him, Kyle Orland at Video Game Media Watch actually sat through an episode of the thing.

He explains: "From what I could gather from half-watching the show’s first three episodes, the titular Brian is the sober business type while his best pal Dave is the creative fire behind Zap Monkey studios (known for the fictional arcade semi-hit “Throttle Autobahn”)."

But wait, it gets better: "In tonight’s episode, the pair gives a pitch for their big new game “Visiostate” to a group of producers. From what was shown in the presentation, the game (which seemed to be running on an Xbox) jumps from space adventure to prehistoric fetch-quest to super-spy bike race through a city with amazingly little grace (At one point Dave says it’s “never the same game twice.” I’d settle for it being the same game once!). One cool feature shown in the demo: a digital camera picture of one of the producers turns into a 3D in-game model instantaneously." I'll buy that for a dollar!