katadog.jpg We've been friends with the guys at the Speed Demos Archive ever since we helped them get a mirror set up on the Internet Archive for their great, non-emulator cheatin' dashes through popular games.

One of the latest to be hosted is a host of speed runs from Namco's We Love Katamari, with every single level sporting a video. The project's Tom Batchelor comments: "One of the things that make We Love Katamari so good is that there are so many ways to play it. There are a lot of stages, like Campfire and Sumo, that are probably not meant to be speed-run, but that are very good for speed-running nonetheless."

He continues, rhpasodically: "So if you've played the game a lot, gotten every cousin and present, gotten all 2900+ items, rolled up the King and the roses, gotten most of the super-clears (or all), etc. etc., and you want a new way to play it, you can try speed-running stages like Sumo and Campfire. I recommend it." And so do we!