bbkf.jpg GameSpy is continuing to, uhm, kick things up a notch, to tragically borrow an Emeril-ism, and its latest interview quizzes Dr. Sonya Brady about her somewhat controversial research that recently debuted, allegedly linking violent games and permissive drug/alcohol attitudes.

Brady, a postdoctoral fellow in the Health Psychology Program at the University of California, San Francisco, comments of reactions to her work: "What kind of feedback have I received? My feedback from research colleagues and other older adults has generally been positive. What I find most interesting is the feedback I have received from adolescents and young adults. Some people are interested in learning more about the research, even if they are skeptical of the results. Other people have been very angry." Those damn kids!

As for what people can do if they don't like the way the research was engineered, Brady suggests: "If people genuinely think that this research is flawed and feel passionate about the issue of whether videogame violence has any negative effects, I encourage them to pursue a career in research and to potentially design their own research studies in the future." OK, well, we'll see you in about ten years, then?