tt.jpg The ever-excellent Game Producer weblog has added one of its regular sales stats posts for indie titles, and this time it's for indie RTS and IGF finalist Tribal Trouble.

The stats reveal income of around $60,000 for the relatively low-profile game, which did also have some Danish and German retail sales, alongside conversion rates of Windows: 0.8%, Mac OS X: 2.8%, and Linux: 1.1% for around 100,000 downloaded demos from Tribal Trouble's website - all very interesting stats, especially for those trying to get into the somewhat packed casual/indie game world. The problem here, obviously, is that 4 full-time + 2 freelance developers worked on the game for 2 and a half years, so the return thus far is rather low.

Developer Sune Nielsen also reveals: "We have gotten a lot of downloads by being on the front page of, and on their games page. Other than that, the press releases and the many online and hard copy reviews have generated the remaining downloads. We tried out banners at a few sites, but they didn’t convert enough. The IGF nomination also gave us quite a lot of good publicity."