trashtalk.jpg They're veteran machinima types, but for some reason, we haven't seen much online press for The Ill Clan and their fun new machinima show, Tra5hTa1k.

As a recent press release notes, "Starting with the 1998 game, Quake, the ILL Clan animators created a humorous cartoon in the normally violent 3D game" in the form of the Lenny and Larry Lumberjack shorts, including Apartment Huntin' [.MOV link].

This latest episode of Tra5hTa1k With Ill Will, their latest bi-weekly show (6 episodes thus far!), includes a 'review of Final Fantasy XI', which seems to degenerate into chaos pretty darn quickly, and from a quick perusal, it's actually pretty funny, nuanced stuff - not generally true of most 'comedy' machinima, besides that produced by the Rooster Teeth guys of Red Vs. Blue fame. As the Ill Clan are 'the originators', you should respect them like Afrika Bambaataa (uhh, or Steamboat Willie!) and view their show. Honest.