tvb.jpg Is Dennis 'Thresh' Fong actually well-known by the average gamer nowadays? Once a very notable Quake gamer and world champion, and then the founder of, Thresh is now best-known for co-founding gaming IM/friendtracking firm Xfire.

But the machinima wonks over at Zarathrustra studios have posted a recammed version of Thresh's finest moment: "The world’s most famous gamer made his Quake 2 debut in this Quakedelica match from 1998, remastered in 2006 by Overman. In this 20-minute exhibition game, Thresh mops the floor with Billox, the champion of that year’s UK-based tournament. Available as highlight reel, full match, and even the original Quake 2 version."

Probably the easiest version to immediately see is the Flash-streamable YouTube highlights reel, which shows just how herky-jerky the game looks from third person views, but also demonstrates conclusively just how good Thresh was at kicking Billox's ass. Zarathrustra also has some other classic tournament recams based off archived replay files that are pretty darn important for those following the history of the FPS tournament scene.