x360.jpg I like Dave Long's 'LongShot' editorials on GamerDad - always have, used to link them when I edited Slashdot Games, and the latest is especially fun, espousing the theory that the Xbox 360 was too inexpensive.

Long explains his reasoning: "The beginning of a console generation has typically been for those with deep pockets or an unhealthy hardcore jones for videogames. These people are willing to smack down big bucks for the latest technology. The price of 360 was too low to keep the launch confined to that group and it was a big mistake in my opinion."

He continues: "With a higher price tag, Microsoft would have made more money, made sure sellouts wouldn't have lasted for months after Christmas and still sold through all the units they had to sell before the holiday", and concludes even more defiantly: "That's why I think Sony should be aggressively high with the price of PS3. Push that newly priced at $129.99 PlayStation 2 into every single home possible by sending the message that right now, the next generation of gaming is SUPER expensive." Thoughts?