incrisis.jpg Back to those fun folks at Toybane again, and this time they've set up a neat little list of 'The Top 8 Stress-Relieving Games'.

Top of the heap, naturally, is Katamari Damacy/We Love Katamari ("Both of these games are perfect examples of good, clean fun ways to wreak absolute havoc while spilling not a drop of blood. I have often found myself firing up one of the Katamari games after a particularly long day at work and just basking in the silliness. And no matter how badly your day has been, it can’t possibly be as bad as the poor Prince’s.")

But also hanging around near the bottom of the 'relaxing' list, under Guitar Hero and Rez, is, paradoxically, Incredible Crisis, a PS1 title we can heartily approve of: "A story of a family going through the worst of all possible bad days and jumping from one insane adventure to another via a series of increasingly surreal minigames, Incredible Crisis is playable by almost anyone, hilarious to watch and above all, short." It's all about the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, soundtrackers of this gem! Any other games that help you chill the huck out?