rfun.jpg We haven't been ignoring 1UP this week - we've just been waiting until their excellent, week-long 'Rising Fun' cover feature is entirely online so that we can, like, link to it.

The six-feature combo is "a tribute to [abstract Japanese] games: sometimes nonsensical, but as entertaining as anything to come from western minds", and uber-frog Jeremy Parish burbles on: "Whether it's the Earthbound-esque post-modernism of Contact or Odama's completely ludicrous combination of pinball, real-time strategy, and feudal Japan, the five games we're highlighting this week are as entertaining as they are strange."

Also good news: getting a v.fun interview on the delightfully weird kissing sim Chulip, and a super-smart interview with the Loco Roco folks - talking of which, we only just found out that American-in-Japan Greggman is the lead programmer for it. Also, bonus article on Devil Summoner's controversial past - great stuff, 1UPers.