stealball.jpg It's been a while since we featured Matt Wegner's super-fun physics game blog Fun-Motion, but now he's back with a review of Rag Doll Software's title Super Stealball for PC and Mac, which is, well, physics-crazy.

As Matt explains: "The rules of Super Stealball are simple. Each arena has 2-4 ragdolls and a ball. If you touch the ball it changes to your color until someone else touches it. Retain control of the ball for long enough and you pass the level."

Sporting some crafty AI, a free demo version, and at just $4.95 for the full PC SKU (a price currently shared by the also very cool Ragdoll Masters, this looks like a fascinating indie buy - Matt comments of the title that "...on the whole you generally achieve a state of flow and stare thoughtless at the monitor. It’s like playing in a very engaging physical sport. You simply do."