wada.jpg There's an odd little article in the WSJ's College Journal which basically outlines why Square Enix president Yoichi Wada never got an MBA, or went to a business school. Well, actually, it does more than that, since at the time of his graduation, there were only three business schools in the nation. There are lots of little interesting bits of info peppered throughout the article, such as Wada's wrangling of an investment from Sony, which I hadn't seen explicitly stated (though maybe it was), and the fact that most managers in Japan aren't actually trained for it, but are rewarded based more on loyalty to the company.

An excerpt from the article states that: "The typical Japanese approach is illustrated by Toyota, which despite being the subject of countless business-school case studies, has only three MBAs among its 26 highest-ranking executives." Rather crazy.

It goes on to map Wada's rise from a lowly door-to-door bonds salesman to his current position as president of one of the most influential game companies (for better or worse) around. " So is there anything Mr. Wada would have learned in an American MBA program that he couldn't get on the job? 'Yes,' the Japanese executive replies instantly: 'English.'" Thanks to our old pal Scott Mollett for picking this up!