bijou.jpg Since we tend to read highbrow paper magazines such as The New Yorker and, uhm, lad/gadgetmag Stuff Magazine, we spotted that current cover girl and former 'wild child' Bijou Phillips has a penchant for the creations of a certain Wired-cover-starring Bay Area game designer.

In her full interview with Stuff, Phillips, who recently filmed the new movie Zodiac with director David Fincher, comments, when asked what she does for fun: "I play The Sims. I've gotten every single expansion pack for The Sims 2, and I'm obsessed."

She continues happily: "I sit online for hours downloading wallpapers and crystal spray paint - I just go nuts. I can sit and design houses and make families forever. I'd rather do that than anything else." Yep, there goes Will Wright, fulfilling another girl's domestic dreams yet again. [DISCLAIMER: Guys' domestic dreams can also be fulfilled by The Sims, and we are not confused about the difference between sexy and sexist, like the Spinal Tap folks.]