ssoc.jpg So, it appears that the CTIA Wireless mobile trade show happened this week, though not much notable mobile game news made it out there into the gaming press.

However, mobile trade site did bother to grab a picture of "a full page cover ad in the latest issue of a trade magazine" from mobile game firm Infospace, featuring, uhh, Sexy Soccer ("3 challenging tasks... 3 beautiful girls"), particularly relevant because of this year's soccer World Cup.

The site also points to a relevant Guardian Gamesblog post mentioning the title alongside soccer streaking sim Flitzer (which we, uhh, also referenced recently), and quoting Informa analyst Stuart Dredge as noting of the Euro mobile game market: "This summer, every developer and their dog is planning to release a mobile football game to tie in with the world cup. And realistically, most operators are going to promote FIFA, Real Football and maybe a couple of others. So Infospace and Handygames are actually being quite clever in ignoring realistic simulation in favour of boobs and bums."

But of course, this is from the novelty-impelled mobile game biz that brought us Lil Jon's Crunk Golf and Brady Bunch Kung Fu, to name but two leading contenders. So, either ridiculousness like this means the big mobile game crash is coming, or that companies have successfully identified the game-related origin of a certain PT Barnum saying. [Though actually, we kinda want to play Crunk Golf!]