cover.jpgSenko no Ronde, the rather unique-looking shooter by G. Rev that already debuted in Japanese arcades last year, is undergoing its first location test right now in a super-enhanced 'Senko No Ronde SP' version, and Aries Hut, a site which keeps track of various location tests and produces reports of them sometimes, has some hands-on of all the things that have changed (linked is a Japanese change list from G. Rev).

Most importantly, this 'SP' version of the game has changed from a 3-button shooter to a 6-button shooter. The action button has been split into two: a dash button and a barrier button. The barrage bullet attack that uses the charge gauge, now has its own button, but can still be launched with a main weapon or a sub weapon, as does a new button that launches an anti-field when the gauge is half-full, instead of just during Vs. Boss mode. An overdrive mode that increases defense and offense has also been added, in order to let people get used to characters without having to pay more money to restart, but there are limits to using it.

Other than that, Aries Hut reports other balance changes have been made: the short range attack is easier to use, your charge gauge go up less when blowing up destructible objects and canceling your close range attack dash has become quicker. (Does anyone who just read that have the feeling that even though I translated it from Japanese, it's still in another language?)

[EDITOR'S NOTE: The Xbox 360 version of Senko No Ronde is due out in Japan in July via Sega, and we're still hoping dearly that someone picks it up for Western publisher, whether 3 buttons, 6 buttons, or a zillion!]