techw.jpgVirtual world blog 3pointD has a new post about a Second Life game development competition, showcasing some of the best games designed within the rapidly expanding virtual world.

The contest is open for all to try now, and 3pointD blogger Mark Wallce explains one: "Tech Warfare, by SL resident Eckhart Dillon... is a team-based real-time strategy game that plays very much like a PC-based RTS. Teams of avatars can create units — consisting of small bots that are created wherever you’re standing — which then go off on their own power to do battle with each other, the goal being to destroy the enemy base." Pretty sophisticated!

However, it's also mentioned: "One interesting thing to note: The games are being judged by how much money they earn during the final stage of the contest. This will turn out to be a wildly inaccurate measure of how well they fulfill the “fun” metric, however." A commenter notes that the change in judging "was something that was requested by a majority of last year’s participants", mind you.