smue.jpg For those not in the know, Stars & Stripes is the official newspaper of the U.S. military, and therefore, you might expect any news stories about games in it to include perhaps America's Army, or maybe Chuck Norris or something.

But, in reality, a story from the April 21st issue discusses the real-life location of Shenmue's in-game streets, "the clutter of bars and shops called the “Honch” across from Yokosuka Naval Base", a U.S. Navy outpost in Japan.

Giving Sega geeks everywhere a good name, interviews reveal just how much the most hardcore Shenmue fans want to hang out with sailors: "“I envy you for getting to walk down Dobuita every day,” Drew Onia, a 19-year-old from Calgary, Alberta, said recently in response to a query on a Shenmue fan Web site. Onia, who’s played Shenmue since it first appeared six years ago, is one of several fans who have visited Yokosuka to see how the real city stacks up next to the virtual version." Yes, this is what gaming idiots really do in their spare time, military folks.