warn.jpg We've been keeping up with the seemingly Herculean task of the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer weblog for some time now, and now they've got round to documenting 'Plumbers Don't Wear Ties' for the 3DO, one of the most, uhh, suspect games for the system, in more ways than one.

As the blogger, SkyKid, notes of the much-maligned (and vaguely NSFW) title: "Is a collection of still images, strung together with an appalling story line, an incomprehensible scoring system and with more retries than Jeffery Archer a game? Does it make it the worst game ever?"

He concludes: "[Is it] worse then Primal Rage...? Worse than Rise of the Robots? Worse than Cyberdillo?... No. No it isn't - The saviour of this game. The Messiah, is a pretty blond woman who scampers about in lingerie." But... what if we like dinosaurs and robots with no clothes on?