scity.jpg We've mentioned new alt.gaming blog Toybane before, and this time they're back with an entertaining list of 'licenses that should be games', subtitled 'Know Our Roots'.

Of particular interest, editor Mister Slim singles out Sin City for a game adaptation:"The advantage Sin City has over GTA is actually the existence of appropriate source material. To ground the setting GTA had to pull in references to the mob, Miami Vice, and Compton. Sin City answers only to its own internal logic, built on noir and the pulps. Done properly, Sin City could be true to the movie and comics while out-Mature-ing GTA."

Also fun, Spigot has a musical idea: "I wouldn’t mind seeing a Guitar Hero-esque game using the Blues Brothers license. Granted, I’m just a sucker for the Blues Brothers movie and band (but not that BB 2000 crap) and the mere thought of being able to play guitar to those awesome songs while having in-game footage of the car chases makes me want to put on a pair of sunglasses and go driving at night."

But... you'd crash into things! Anyone else got some top nominations for 'licenses that should be games', as the odd phrasing goes?