rday.jpg The ever-reliable IndyGamer, which really does a good job of keeping up with the insanely busy indie games scene, has a mini-review of Experimental Gameplay Project entry On A Rainy Day, a fascinating PC indie title released late last year and neglected until now.

As the mini-review explains: "On a Rainy Day is a rather unique game submitted by Shalin Shodhan featuring lots of disembodied hands, paper boats and umbrellas. Your objective is to protect the lightweight vessels from being flooded with rainwater, by dragging any of the connected palms to pick up parasols and form a makeshift roof."

The explanation concludes: "Right click on any hand holding an umbrella to drop it back into the water. The gameplay is every bit as interesting as it sounds." Of course, the Experimental Gameplay Project website is also worth perusing right now because the entries to the recent contest in which "Competitors had 2 weeks to design and build a game from scratch on the theme of "CONSUME", with a chance to win an internship in the game industry at THQ's Heavy Iron Studios" are now up. From 'Smack Attack' to 'Got Moo', they all look... interesting?