obl.JPG Via the Guilded Lilies blog, they've spotted an interview with Bethesda on Oblivion 'gender bias' issues which is, at the very least, intriguing.

This is odd, as the piece's intro points out, since: "Oblivion is one of those rare fantasy RPGs where female characters aren’t perpetually spilling forth from impossibly skimpy armor, and characters in positions of power and leadership are frequently women."

But, though the official Prima strategy guide comments: "Sadly, only three races offer females with power design advantages", Bethesda’s Pete Hines then commented of the 'controversy': "All the races are balanced equally for each gender. Talking about power design is different than balance. Essentially, for each race both genders have the exact same stats except for two: one where the male has a 10-point bonus, one where the female has a 10-point bonus." So... storm in a teacup?