lumines2.jpg So, we don't even normally do 'breaking news' here, but this new Buena Vista press release is too precious and GSW-ish to pass up - Tetsuya Mizuguchi's Q? Entertainment has signed a multi-title publishing deal with the Disney division, and goodness is ensuing!

We quote: "BVG will publish the upcoming titles: Lumines II, a mesmerizing sequel to the highly popular action and music puzzle game, for the PSP system; Lumines Plus, a pulsing new version of the original title for the PlayStation 2; Every Extend Extra, an electrifying action puzzle shooter game for PSP; and Meteos: Disney Edition, a new version of the popular galactic action puzzle title Meteos featuring beloved Disney characters, for the Nintendo DS."

At one point, we'd heard that Ubisoft was still publishing Lumines II, but apparently not. Also, not sure what happened to the ((QB)) label, which was meant to be a 'boutique' label for Q? products with Bandai? It's referenced here in a Mizuguchi interview, but we note the Buena Vista agreement is for "all territories outside Asia", so maybe the ((QB)) concept is publishing these 4 titles in Japan?

(Oh, and that Tokyopia interview mentions that Q?'s CEO is "Shuji Utsumi [formerly] from Disney Interactive", so that probably helps explain the new Buena Vista connection. Anyhow... excitement!)