gsg.jpg Well, not a changing of a guard, so much as an editor update, since a number of our launch editors are superduperbusy with other stuff, so we're switching things around a bit. [Oh, and we just got told that our RSS feed didn't have author info (ta, Jiji!), so we added it [EDIT: hope everyone can see it now] - those browsing via RSS probably have no idea who was writing recently anyhow!]

Specifically, we've added co-editor Shou 'Kitsune' Suzuki, who has floated around sites as diverse as Tokyopia and QT3 in the past, and also contributed a smart Japanese column to Computer Games Magazine, and he's helping us out by blogging regularly on Japan, so far including things like Pokemon and electronic money cards and neat books by Famitsu journalists - very cool stuff.

We will probably add at least one more regular blogger in the near future, who will operate alongside me and my Game Developer and Gamasutra colleagues Brandon Sheffield and Frank Cifaldi, as well as stalwart regular Tony Walsh. We've also added credits for our six regular columnists (see the sidebar on the main GameSetWatch page) - thanks to Shmorky, Matt Williamson, Jeremiah Johnson, Redwolf, Danny Cowan and Ryan Stevens for their spectacularly good work.

[Oh, and Jeremiah, aka Nullsleep is putting his two columns on hiatus while he prepares for his International Chiptune Resistance World Tour 2006 - but he's promised to try to get us a tour diary when he's jetsetting around the globe with his Game Boys, so we forgive him.]