stomp.jpg The Indy Gamer blog has noticed that Mind Control Software, the most interesting developers behind IGF winner Oasis, and a host of weird and wonderful prototypes and alternative projects, has released a demo of its latest PC casual title, called Stomping Grounds.

As the blog explains, Stomping Grounds "plays like a card battle game minus all the complicated rules... Each encounter consists of six rounds in total, and a key is awarded for every round won." There's a fun Lion King-esque graphical theme, too.

So basically, it's "a casual action-strategy game", just as Oasis switched up a lot of mechanics from more complex PC RTS and turn-based strategy titles into a cohesive casual whole - and honestly, we hope it gets a whole lot more commercial interest that Oasis, which seemed to get somewhat ignored by the casual gameplaying public - anyone hazard a guess as to why?