meijin.jpg YMCK, don't you know, is the massively excellent chiptunes band that broke onto the scene about a year ago, maybe more. Famicom instumentation with lounge jazz cutesy female vocals, it all works quite well. And thanks to Youtube, you can check out a particularly interesting performance of theirs. Yes, that's none other than Takahashi Meijin onstage (who I've met! He's very bald!), singing his heart out, and occasionally pressing buttons really fast.

If you're not familiar with Meijin, shame on you. He's been with Hudson Soft for an eternity, and is renowned for his ability to press famicom buttons really fast (16 times per second...or he used to be able to, anyway). Zepy tells me his highest ever was 17. In the movie Gameking, he broke a watermelon with his technique. And his hair! That certainly explains the watermelon poking minigame we linked on december 4, 2003. He's also the basis of the Adventure Islands character.

Regardless! Here, while the cameraman has not been able to take the stupid timestamp and displays off the image, he has captured an event of some magnitude. It also seems they're singing some song that is very famous. I'm too stupid to identify it, so I'd appreciate someone letting me know. Update! People less stupid than me have imparted some wisdom. The first song is Rock and Roll Rendezvous from YMCK's new album (which features Meijin in its recorded form, too! - thanks brendan). The second song they do is a Caravan Stage from the Gunhed series, namely Super Star Soldier. I'm rather embarrassed I didn't recognize it - thanks ioonearth. Do check out the other YMCK videos if you've never heard them, they're better than some other things! Thanks to the mighty Juan Ramirez, who just redesigned his site, for the Youtube link.

Bonus: Zepy says: "Takahashi has released two albums on his own in the past, and a 16 shot 20th anniversary album just last october. Check it out here." And this is his official site. [Cross-posted from IC.]