rockz.jpg So, we spotted a recent weblog post by Matt 'Fort90' Hawkins that links to a totally smart collaged picture called 'rocks.jpg', which features a photo of some rocks, as 'interpreted' by a few of your favorite games.

Of course, this means that the Doom 3 version is almost completely dark, the Vib Ribbon version is extremely pseudo vector graphics-heavy, the Duke Nukem 3D rocks are somewhat hilariously being offered a dollar bill (y'all!), the Dead Or Alive 4 version has a bikini on the rock, and... the smartness goes on.

But who made this graphic, and when, and for what purpose? Matt doesn't quite seem to know, and nor do we - we've been reliably informed that it's not from SomethingAwful, either, which would be our first bet. Anyone know? Is it still being added to, like the Sistine Chapel? Answers in comments, please.

[UPDATE: Commenter '573' traces the pics to English-language 2Chan image-board 'clone' 4Chan - which apparently started as a SA offshoot, anyhow, so we were close. The images were done by multiple contributors to the /v/ board. And smartass 'John H.' mentions: "The Nethack one is incorrect: rocks in that game are of the gemstone class, and would be represented by asterisks..." Ooo!]

[UPDATE 2: Oi, Kotaku - no crediting for the link or even the source update? Weak.]