slpl.jpg Over at The Shifted Librarian weblog, blogger Jenny Levine has an informative post on how libraries, learning and games intertwine, referencing both the upcoming Games, Learning and Society conference, and some neat uses of libraries in virtual world Second Life.

Jenny, a library technology co-ordinator in Illinois, notes: "Actually, I don't really think of SL as a game so much as a virtual world, a parallel universe where you can be and do what interests you in that type of space. After seeing some presentations about how SL works and how it's being used in both higher education and in the medical field, I started to wonder if there was an intersection for libraries."

She then links to an Alliance Library System press release which explains: "Alliance Library System and OPAL (Online Programming for All Libraries) are pleased to announce that selected OPAL programs will soon be offered in the online virtual reality game Second Life. Book discussions, training sessions, and other programs will be offered to current virtual residents. The goal of the project is to promote the real library and online library services to adults who might not otherwise use the library."

Jenny adds: "I can't wait to see what happens in this space, and I've already told [ALS'] Lori to count me in. She has already found a Librariaum, as well as the Second Life Public Library, within the game. Neither currently offers reference services, programming, or anything other than a place to gather and some nonfiction books. What could we do with these spaces in the game?" Oh no, the librarians are loose in the machine!