MapleStory01.jpgSome concerned Korean mothers are power-leveling their kids' characters in games like Maple Story, according to, a group blog exploring Korean gaming culture. Contributor Jun Sok Huhh discusses how online gaming has become a universal language among Korean children, particularly those aged 6 to 13, who play Maple Story.

Youngsters not involved in the game risk being ostracized, so mothers are helping out for several hours a day in order to maintain a respectable virtual-world status for their offspring, and to ensure they have time to attend to real-world duties such as schoolwork.

But the lure of the game isn't limited to kids. Jun Sok Huhh cites a Korean news article mentioning how some parents have actually become obsessed with playing the game: "a mother who did a game for her kid had a big trouble with husband for game engrossment." Perhaps in this case, the husband could power-level for his wife...

Your word of the day is "level No-ga-da," which, according to, means "power-leveling."