kyourtv.jpg We've previously covered the mysterious Ancil 'Dessgeega' Anthropy, and now a GSW reader writes in to point out a new PC game named 'Kill Your Television', created for free distribution by the aforementioned Ms. Geega.

The rather deliciously post-modern twitch shmup, which uses sounds and music from the classic Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy track, has the following simple concept: "televisions are invading your mental space, bringing racism, sexism, the beauty standard, jingoism, lies, commercialism, and manufactured consent. if they reach your dot you're done!"

So, it's a green and black shooter with some interesting combo-style effects after you turn the televisions off: "exploding tvs can hit other tvs... to create big chains! the more you chain, the more points you get!" It's all very Xbox Live Arcade meets vector monitors meets Robotron meets Crystal Quest in heck. And we like it - one of the better uses of Game Maker thus far, at least!