vrvr.jpg Holy crap, lost Kenta Cho game alert! We've previously covered Cho's much-adored PC freeware shooters such as Mu-Cade, and Tim W. at IndyGamer has now uncovered a previously obscure Cho game, Val and Rick, which is downloadable, but not linked from Cho's site.

The2Bears has further analysis of the game, which is spread with Cho's blessing, explaining: "VR is very interesting, as it deviates from the graphic style we’ve come to appreciate. The graphics are sprite based rather than vector based. As Tim observed, the game seems to share an early Gunroar engine, and certainly shares many of the gameplay mechanics."

In fact, the 2Bears conclusion is practically maudlin: "I’m not sure why this game has been “forgotten”, but it’s a shame it sort of has been. It already shows off as a great game, and promises interesting things to come if tweaked and finished. Very enjoyable." But... now it's unforgotten, huzzah.