mucader.jpg Gotta love the folks at Little Mathletics, who are back again with another canny interview, this time with PC freeware shooter god Kenta Cho, an oft-referenced figure here at GSW.

The intro notes: "At its best, Kenta Cho's work is another level above what is often put out by entire independent developers", and goes on to ask him his biggest influences, which are apparently: "Old Namco games very much influenced me. They have novel gameplay and great graphics and music. DigDug, Rally-X, Galaga, Metro Cross, Xevious, Assault and Motos, I have a special fondness for all of these." Good man!

Also very interesting is that Cho is a big Xbox Live Arcade fan - he comments: "Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved may be the game I've played for the longest time on 360. Its simple but addictive gameplay and too many particles fascinate me. I like small games on the Xbox Live Arcade such as Mutant Storm, Smash TV and Feeding Frenzy. I was glad to hear the news that Namco would also provide their games on the Live Arcade." So.. someone sign him to do a game for it, stat!